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Friday 25 May 2012

Kanelbullar - Swedish cinnamon buns

If I should choose one food which reminds me of Sweden, I would definitely say kanelbulle.

Kanelbulle (plural: kanelbullar) is a traditional Swedish pastry.

When you arrive in Sweden, you can already feel  the aroma of kanelbullar in the air. When you walk around the city in Stockholm you can also feel it passing by a café or the Pressbyrå at the metro stations (Pressbyrå is a company with small kiosk where you can buy newspapers, coffee with kannelbulle and other daily-use items such as chewing gum, fruits, mineral water.).

Kanelbulle is a typical accessories of fika. It's a social event when Swedish people take a break with colleagues, friends, family or for a date and drinking mostly coffee because coffee is an institution in Sweden.

Coffee is something that brings people together. This coffee culture influence to all aspects of society, even the workplace. Almost every workplace has a fika room with an unlimited amount of stuff. There is no location or time of the day where drinking coffe was unacceptable.

Traditionally sweet, baked goods is an indispensable accessory of fika, especially kanelbulle.

It is special and typical Swedish 
  • because of the cardamom in the dough,
  • because you need to bake it in very hot oven only for a few minutes,
  • because it is always baked in individual paper cups,
  • because of the cute pearl sugar (pärlsocker )on its top.
These kanelbullar were not baked by me, we had received free coupon (gratis kupong) to ICA supermarket to get it for free of charge. I was soo happy when I saw it!!! Of course I can make it also by myself but I didn't have time at that day so I used the semi-prepared version. When we arrived home from ICA I put some in the oven immediately. I think I don't need to specify how amazing kanelbullar aroma was at home.

Next time I will bring the original recipe as well what Swedes use.

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